Baltic Salmon Classic is a responsible offshore salmon trolling competition

Our Mission

To organize and event where at least our own crew would like to participate and enjoy 😉 In addition to that, we want to give something back and be part of developing a responsible fishing culture.

Our History

In 2020, traditional salmon trolling competitions were cancelled due to C-19. In those events, there was a need for competitors to be present in the competition center at least for the captains meeting and then weighing. This situation created an obvious demand for establishing a salmon trolling competition with a safe manner. For us, this was also an opportunity to introduce an option to compete in offshore salmon trolling with more responsible manner – meaning C&R. Another important thing for us was the possibility to put all the competitor fees back to Gulf of Finland in the form of planted Salmons. Competition rules were inspired from the non-trolling angling competitions where measurement board and the length of the fish had been used as the criteria. With the help of social media platforms and cloud service provider services we were able to handle communication, live result follow-up and reporting of the fish lengths.


Anyone wanting to copy the rules and or further develop – we encourage to do so. In terms of questions or support for organizing something similar in a responsible manner, please contact us.

The competition language itself is finnish and is organized within the Finland waters in the Gulf of Finland.